goals 3d images dna cards and a robot arm


Player Creation Trailer

Goals is a fast-paced, competitive, multiplayer-focused football game. Bridging the gap between the real world and the digital. Our task was to realize their Player creation process, which involves genes, robots, and futuristic soccer in a dark lab. It sounds amazing, right? Using this as inspiration, we worked closely with the Goals' team to create a trailer that would reflect the spirit of the upcoming game and player creation process.

Goals Screen Player creation
Goals Lab doors
Goals Lab Controll Room
Goals Lab Cotroll Desk Knobs
Goals Lab Controll desk slider
Goals Character
Goals DNA Robot
Goals DNA Cards
Golals Dna card robot arm
3d screen text dribbling
3d player dribbling
3d screen
shooting 3d screen
goals dna player card
goals graphics
goals logo





Svep Studios


Fredrik Ekholm

Johannes Sande

Art Direction

Filip Nordin (Goals)

Fredrik Ekholm

Johannes Sande

2D Graphics

Steffen Knoesgaard

3D Artist

Johannes Sande
Fredrik Ekholm


Johannes Sande

Fredrik Ekholm

Character & Cloth sim

Laurenz Matera

Motion Capture Clean-up

Anders Mortensen


Zelig Sound