Steve and Alex is about to jump in to the Nether portal of Minecraft


Nether Trailer

Are you ready to get to know the darker side of Minecraft? The new Nether update for Minecraft introduces a new and updated version of the dark alternate dimension called “The Nether”. Based on the idea of “Live, Die, Repeat” we follow our heroes down in the Nether where they face new and more challenging enemies than ever before.

Steve and Alex is looking around after coming in to the Nether
Wide shot presenting Nether
A couple of piglin enemies are waiting for Steve and Alex
Steve and Alex are defending themselves from arrows
Steve and Alex is surrounded in the crimson forest
Steve is about to give gold to a piglin
The Piglin boss reaction to rotten flesh
Steve and alex are suprised from a Ghast in the Nether
Steve and Alex are grilling meat at a campfire in the Nether
A hoglin standing in Crimson forest
Steve and Alex are walking towards the lava in Nether
A wide shot deep down in the Nether with hundreds of mobs.



Mojang Studios


Svep Studios


Johannes Sande


Elias Widerdal

3D Lead

Fredrik Ekholm

Art Direction

Johannes Sande

Mojang – Ninni Landin

Mojang - Martin Johansson

3D Generalist

Noam Briner

FX / Particles

Erik Norrhede

Elias Widerdal

Character Animation

David Weidemann

Christoph Schinko

Matthias Knappe


Fredrik Ekholm

Johannes Sande

Jacob Danell

Storyboard Artist

Magnus Jonason


Steffen Knoesgaard


Sander Van Wijk